Ontology: a set of concepts and categories in a subject area or domain that shows their properties and the relations between them.

High level summary

In a 2017 survey, one in five companies reported they had "incorporated AI in some offerings or processes".[47] The amount of research into AI (measured by total publications) increased by 50% in the years 2015–2019.[48] According to AI Impacts at Stanford, around 2022 about $50 billion annually is invested in artificial intelligence in the US, and about 20% of new US Computer Science PhD graduates have specialized in artificial intelligence;[49] about 800,000 AI-related US job openings existed in 2022.

What does McKinsey say?:
About 75 percent of the value that generative AI use cases could deliver falls across four areas: Customer operations, marketing and sales, software engineering, and R&D

The short concepts:

AI and ML are seen as some level of algorithmic magic. But its not...it follows a level of deductive structure to multi-layer keyword ontology redaction. It's a level of knowledge engineering and then plugged into endless streams of data, that align to a query. The key is a query...there is zero self-actuated deduction and reactive thinking.

The keyword to familiarize oneself to is 'ontology'. 

What is Generative AI?:

Understanding the data that supports the model. Low level model grunt work. A set of a well known Python libraries. Multiple data points that represent an object People want to categorize of inputs. What is the most likely categorization of the input.

For example, applying for a bank loan. Collect data from applicant. Create inputs, and determine where you fit into various models. Does the applicant fit inside of a quadrant. Think in data points. Cost, space, constraints, color, multiple different attributes.

Is the data available? Sourcing data sets. And getting them into a system.

How can AI Benefit the AEC Industry:

As far as the design and construction and associated software tools is concerned, I see the biggest opportunities for:

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By Glenn Hopper