Project Portfolio

ACQBuilt, Inc.

Robotic Off-site Light Wood Manufacturing

Fraser St., Vancouver

Multi-residential Wood Framed (BIM Modeling)

411 Railway, Vancouver

Office Complex (BIM Modeling)

2035 4th Ave, Vancouver

Stone Cladding incl. Engineering and Install

St. Mark's Cathedral, Seattle

Stone Cladding Retrofit incl. Engineering

1001 Broadway, Seattle

Stone Supply / Engineering / Anchors

Louis Vutton, Los Angeles

Shop Drawings and Steel Attachments

Tiffany, Miami

Shop Drawings and Steel Attachments

Designer Outlet Mall, YVR

Greenfield Outdoor Shopping Center

Siemens Chip Factory, Dresden

Large Clean-air Silicon Chip Manufacturing

Fredirchstadt Passagen, Berlin

Inner-city Shopping Center and Residences

Raychem, Munich

Electron Accelerator plus Office Building

ASDA, Northhampton

300,000 SF Distribution Center

Ipswich Entertainment Complex

Multi-building Entertainment Buildings

Private Residence

Greenfield Luxury Residence

Walton Hotel, Vancouver

Retro-fit of centuries old Building

NorthGate Village, Burnaby

Brownfield Twin Residential Towers and CRU

Towers, Surrey

Greenfield Residential Towers

Red Leaf Factory, Abbotsford

Greenfield Factory Build (16,000 SF)

Woodin Creek Village, WA

Multi-residential Stone Supply and Engineering

Art Sculpture

3D Wave Structure

960 Yates, Victoria

Cladding Shop Dwgs / Attachments / Stone Supply

Mercy Care Center, MS

Cladding Engineering and Anchor Supply

Private Residence, Seattle

New Construction

New Westminster Tunnel

Cut and Cover Tunnel - Greenfield

Oak St. Bridge, Vancouver

Seismic Upgrade

Port of Felixstowe

Coffer Dam Remediations

Pocketop Computer corp.

2001 - 2002 | By far one experience that proved huge opportunity and huge learning. We developed in Vancouver, a wireless keyboard to interact with PDA's (Personal Digital Assistants). Some might remember the Palm Pilot or the Sony Clio.

At one point, we had achieved 28% market share. ID and engineering in Vancouver, tooling in Taiwan, manufacturing in China, global distribution plus eCommerce. Raised $6.0 million in financing...big money back then.