What email Client is the best to work with Gmail?


How to toggle back to main screen, but remain at eye level where one was at? (See sub-note to right)

It seems that senders emails get cropped when one responds. How to avoid?


Web browser setting only allows one line preview.


Printing opens up another browser page…can’t one just open in a Preview Screen?


Auto text inserts – how to adopt

Timed sending of emails - how to

Archive vs Trash - Where does Gmail Archive, and how does one distinguish to have an email trashed?

How to have GMAIL perform like Exchange?

Archive - need to be able to historically reference emails sent by various employees.

Centralized Search - how can one user or admin search everyone's emails concurrently?

IMAP vs Exchange - Does IMAP transmit to all devices as well as Exchange?

Tagging / Sharing Emails - If a Customer sends a directive to one employee, how does that employee make that email visible to multiple employees?

Toggling between Email and Preview Screen

It seems that once an email is closed that the preview screen does not return to where one had accessed the email to begin with. This makes things arduous when scrolling back in time, particularly when there are multiple emails involved from a given time frame.

Canned Responses

Manage incoming email with canned responses

To stay organized, exec admins and employees create filters in Gmail so incoming messages are automatically labeled and removed from their inbox until they can read them at a more convenient time. They write canned responses for common messages such as shipping documentation, purchase orders, and so on. They assign each canned responses to a filter.


  • With canned responses and filters, exec admins and employees no longer need to sort and organize email by hand.
  • Exec admins and employees spend less time on repetitive email tasks, helping to streamline the workday.

Reply to commonly asked questions

When a visitor, new hire, or client emails a common question (like corporate hotel codes, parking directions, or how to connect to the guest internet), use a Gmail canned response to insert a prewritten answer into your message.


  • Keep responses consistent and current by prewriting common messages and editing the source when information changes.
  • Answer questions faster.

Send mail with different signatures

When responding to a message on behalf of one of your execs in Gmail, select the signature you want from the canned response list. If you switch email signatures often, consider not using the default signature within Gmail settings.


  • Respond to messages faster, and as the right person, with prewritten signatures.
  • Clearly identify who you’re writing as for message recipients.!/show-tip/create-multiple-signatures-using-canned-responses