Google Drive

Organizational Questions:

  • How best to open word documents in Google Docs? And keep things organized in similar folder trees such as MS File Explorer.
  • It’s all browser pages. How does one avoid 89 pages open?
  • How best to organize Drive to stream files, and not concurrently store on personal C: Drives?
  • Is there a global dashboard on how to set-up sharing permissions?
  • How to have have one large drive and then many sub- drives? For instance, a separate HR Drive / Folder.

Migrating an on Premise File Server to Google Drive

What are the recommendations / best practices?

Our on premise shared drive is well into 100+ GB

Version Control

File overlap and Version control.

Overwrite control

Can one couple to more traditional systems such as NAS or RAID back-ups?


Does Google maintain such a thing as a DATABASE?

Synch pricing databases? How?