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2020 Big Ideas - Ark Invest.pdf

2020 Big Ideas - ARK Invest

Download ARK Invests Technology Projection Report - click the image to the left.

Full of good stuff:

  • Deep Learning
  • Streaming Media
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Automation
  • Blockchain

and so much more...

BIM Technologies


Google Domain + Apps

UW Capstone Project

University of Washington submission requirement to complete the BIM Certificate program offered by the Center for Education and Research in Construction (CERC) within the university.

Objective of the submission: present progressive arguments to a fictitious client as to the advantages of 3D BIM and why it should be utilized for the design and construction of the Life Sciences Building on the Seattle campus.

BIM Proposal - Bayswood - ISSUED 2019-06-11.pdf

Hard Drive Duplication (MAC OS)

leave the computer intact, clone the internal drive to the new one using SuperDuper with the new, unformatted drive in the BlackX. Then swap them.

you can boot from a *bootable* drive in the black x as follows:

plug the formatted, bootable drive into the BlackX

connect the USB to the de-powered computer, and then turn on BlackX

start the computer and hold down the “option” key after the bong sound and hold it

choose the external drive from the resulting graphic of bootable drives

continue the boot

The computer will boot off the external drive. The internal drive will also show up in the finder

This process is the same for booting from any external drive.

And here’s the software you can use to clone your hard drive:

Keep the old drive as a backup, which you can read any time if you also purchase the docking station in the previous email

using it is easy. Plug in USB, push in any drive unit, turn on. If the drive is formatted then it will just show up on your desktop like any external drive.

If it’s a new drive, it will prompt you to format it, then you have space to do whatever. To do the swap, get SuperDuper! running first. then put the drive in and turn it on. Then start the cloning process